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Our minds and bodies are deeply connected and Transcend Psychological understands that true wellbeing requires attending to both physical and emotional needs. Massage therapy can be an important instrument in achieving mental wellness. More than just the treatment of sore muscles, massage can help in the treatment of a variety of mental health concerns, including, depression, anxiety, and stress.

In part, the emotional benefit of massage comes from the release of endorphins, which produce feelings of euphoria and work to inhibit cortisol (stress hormones) in the body. Massage also boosts circulation, thereby helping the body expel harmful toxins, bolstering the immune system, and aiding in cellular healing.


Because of the undeniable benefit of massage on mental health and our commitment to holistic care, we are pleased to have massage therapists share our space, making well-rounded treatment more accessible to our clients.  

For more information or to book massage online, click on the links below. 

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