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Tami-Lee Duncan, M.Ed.

Registered Psychologist/Owner

Coming from a place of genuine compassion, Tami approaches treatment with authenticity, personality, honesty, knowledge, and humour. Providing individual, couples, and group therapy for a variety of mental health issues, Tami roots herself in a neurobiological understanding of psychology, utilizing empirically validated treatment methods to help her clients grow through their challenges.

Tami specializes in the treatment of sex related issues, including sexual health & education, orientation, sexual compulsions/addictions, sexual dysfunction, and relationship challenges, including healing after infidelity. Her expertise is in treating people affected by sexual/pelvic pain.

Tami welcomes clients of all backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship arrangements. As a part of her work with sexual health, Tami contributed to VUE Weekly Magazine and acts as a sexual health resource for local and national media outlets, including a recurring series on CBC Edmonton AM. She is also available for sexual education and consultation, and holds workshops for those who experience sexual difficulties, as well as for professionals working in the area of sexual health. 

Tami is primarily available for online appointments, though she offers limited in person meetings.


Tami-Lee Duncan, M.Ed.
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