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Challenges are unavoidable; it is the ability to experience them meaningfully that brings about peace and well-being. 

The work of the psychologist is simply to help people understand themselves more fully, and to assist them in developing deeper self awareness so that they can engage actively in life, make intentional choices, and find fulfillment. Transcend therapists utilize a holistic model of treatment, aimed at helping individuals heal emotionally, physically, and interpersonally.

Transcend therapists recognize the privilege of being invited into peoples intimate lives and as such, services are offered compassionately, in a respectful and empathic space. We work comfortably with a wide range of spiritual beliefs and worldviews, and celebrate the richness of diversity in culture, abilities, experiences, and identity.

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Our Therapists

During the COVID-19 crisis, our therapists are available to meet with clients securely online. 


Full-Service Therapeutic Centre


Massage Therapy with a client-focused treatment customizing every massage to their client's particular needs.  Providing both relaxation and therapeutic techniques.


Child and Family Focused Counselling specializing in Talk Therapy, Play Therapy, Skills Building, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).



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